23 April 2014

reclaimed materials in an East London home

In the Life&Style section of the latest Elle Decoration UK issue there is a 'at home' feature with British designer Lucy Bathurst of Nest Design. She lives in a 19th-century house in East London and has mainly designed it with reclaimed materials. I fell flat for her breakfast nook and bedroom textiles.

Her kitchen is made from old pine, copper panels, slate and reclaimed glazed bricks. She refers to it as her homage to a kitchen at Ardkinglas House in Argyll that was designed by Scottish architect Sir Robert Lorimer. It belonged to the best friend of her father.
Lucy collaborates with London-based architects and salvage experts Retrouvius, transforming vintage textiles into bespoke creations. 'It's so satisfying to see old or discarded materials used in a contemporary context,' she says. 'You can take something tired and make it sing again if you reinterpret it in the right way.' (p. 151)
In the dining room there are Mid-century chairs by Kai Kristiansen.

She designed the bedroom textiles herself. The cushions are made from Japanese kimono fabric and velvet. The headboard is upholstered in antique Indonesian textiles. Above it you see parts of antique oriental silk embroidery.
photo credit:
Jake Curtis for Elle Decoration UK, May 2014 via their Facebook page (these are not images that appear in the magazine)

22 April 2014

drawing with light 34

photo credit:
Elena Gallotta

21 April 2014

Barbour: celebrating 120 years

Are you a Barbour fan? This year the company is celebrating its 120 years in business, which started back in 1894 when John Barbour began supplying oilskins and garments to sailors in South Shields. The brand is still a family company and it has established itself as a classic; a go-to brand for those who choose quality to enjoy their outdoor living lifestyle.

If you have a Barbour story you can share it on Twitter and Instagram using #Barbour120. The price is a Barbour Originals classic wax jacket to those who submit the best entries every week until the end of June.

Every time I see images from their ad campaigns I miss my old Barbour waxed jacket. It was similar to this one and I wore it until it had become so torn on the sleeves and pockets that I had to give it a rest. I loved it!

I know some day I will buy another one (isn't it obligatory if you live in the UK?!!) and if I were to choose now I would probably go for the Barbour Belsay waxed jacket, but I could change my mind in the fitting room. What I'm sure about is the women's Barbour waxed cotton baker boy hat. I want one!

For spring/summer 2014, Barbour's Beacon Heritage collection continues its collaboration
with Savile Row tailor, Norton & Sons under the creative direction of Patrick Grant.
photo credit:
1, 3-8: Barbour / 2: Simon Armstrong

18 April 2014

Happy Easter!

Yesterday I sat on my bicycle to get me a few things for Easter: two bouquets of white tulips, a magazine, berries and chocolate … no Easter eggs for me, thank you very much. It's a beautiful spring day in the West Midlands. I'm taking my coffee in my study room, watching the tulips embracing the sun - I love white tulips. Adding to the relaxing atmosphere in here is our male Persian cat sleeping on the windowsill.

Do you have any plans for Easter? I think I will just be enjoying some lazy days with the kids. Depending on the weather I wouldn't say no to a drive to Stratford-upon-Avon or Warwick, or both. Happy Easter!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt

17 April 2014

cherry tree blossoms on a gorgeous spring day

Today I had another spring post in mind (this will be the last in my 'mini series') but the photo above changed my mind. My son, who is only 8 years old, is the photographer. Yesterday, after a day out in the countryside (the part of Derbyshire we saw was beautiful) he was feeling a bit car sick so our friends dropped us out by his school and we walked home to get some fresh air. All day he had been using his binoculars to watch birds and he was telling me that he wanted to own a video camera. Close to our house there is this gorgeous pink cherry tree in full bloom and I had to stop to take a few photos. When he asked if he could photograph it I said sure. I adjusted the manual settings for him, told him how to keep the exposure "correct" and handed him the camera. Because of a slight wind there was some movement in the other photos he took (his composition was great) but this one was just perfect. It was a pure joy watching him with the Nikon in his hand.

Have a wonderful day!
photo credit:
1: my son / 2-4: Lisa Hjalt

16 April 2014

inside the Marimekko atelier

I will be spending the day somewhere in the Derbyshire countryside … think sun, walks, lake and picnic. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful (spring) day with these images from the Marimekko atelier.

photo credit:

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