9 April 2012

coffee notebooks stationery

Today's post is inspired by new boards of mine on Pinterest called 'coffee' and 'notebooks + stationery' that I created yesterday. Why I hadn't already created them is a puzzle to me because photos like these leave me so inspired. As long as I've coffee, notebooks, note cards, fountain pens and such things in my surroundings my heart will have a happy beat. I'm one of those old-fashioned types who still uses a Filofax. Well, I no longer use the big ones, I use a pocket size version, chocolate brown, and I wouldn't leave home without it; it basically keeps every information I need. Currently I'm craving a leather journal like the one from Ugmonk. What's your relation with coffee and stationery?

Easter Monday is an official holiday in Belgium so we've been enjoying a lazy day. We are thinking about going to Breskens in Holland, a harbour town we've visited before. Whatever you are up to I'm wishing you a wonderful day!

photo credit:
1 + 4: Ugmonk
2: unknown source via Books Cats Coffee/Tumblr
3: unknown source


  1. I'll have to check out your board! I LOVE coffee and am a sucker for adorable notecards. I still use a day planner. I like to write things down. Just don't like the concept of scheduling everything on my iphone, not sure why?! Must be old fashioned. xo

  2. I think I will borrow your lovely idea and create my own stationery Pinterest board. My desk and my days look much better with coffee and pretty stationery around. Enjoy your Easter Monday, Lisa! xo

  3. I can totally relate to this! I am happy with a few little things around me, too!

  4. I love coffee, stationery, note cards, calenders and so on too - and pretty pens! :-)

  5. Lovely pictures and you're right - it inspires me too - and I'm back to a nice cafe with lots of people to watch and things to write down - in my thoughts ;o)
    Happy monday to you - here we are relaxing and enjoying our last day off (well I always work a little bit ;o) ha ha - and later we are baking pizza with the kids ;o)

  6. I love coffee. I love stationary, too, but I rarely use it, so I don't buy anything anymore. I still have a moleskin diary every year, this year in red, and I occasionally treat myself to a nice pen, but that's it. will have a look at your board :)

  7. Yes, 100% agree with this, Lisa. Love the air mail envelopes, too!

  8. oh so nice!!!
    Have a lovely Easter monday!

  9. wow I really enjoyed reading this post. Your blog is allround beautiful and you post about the most amazing things. It is so interesting to hear what you think about all these wonderful things :) check out my blogspot?? xxx

  10. I will take a look at your board now! Coffee... stationery... beautiful fountain pens... love! You never fail to inspire me, Lisa. Love your blog so much! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  11. Hi Lisa,

    I love this post and I couldn't agree more! Coffee, stationary, journals, pens - I love it all! Your picture here says it all. Reminds me of being in a cafe in a quirky bookstore somewhere - writing in my journal. Surronded buy the books and listening to the cappichino machine : ) A perfect afternoon~!

    Danielle xo

  12. OMG I'm sooo into coffee and stationary :) Lovely post! I have just checked your Pinterest and it's great :)


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