26 April 2012

goodbye baby

By baby I mean Antwerp. Yes, I have got news for you, I'm moving to Luxembourg after the weekend. It all happened very fast. Suddenly the opportunity was there and we grabbed it and decided to embrace changes and new adventures.

What made this decision not too difficult to make was the children's reaction. They had already fallen for the landscape of Luxembourg when this came up and didn't even protest when we first mentioned it. Then we found a new home with a garden and I think we are so excited about the thought of having our own garden again that we're willing to move between countries to make it happen! The garden even has a cherry tree and it was in full bloom when we saw it. sigh

It's in my nature to be optimistic, I see no point in worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet. We simply have to meet life as it presents itself. So the only feeling I'm going through these days is basically this one: OH MY GOD HOW BORING IT IS TO PACK ONE'S STUFF! (Did you notice the use of capitals?) I know my kids, I've seen how resilient and adaptable they are so I'm not going to worry about a new school and a new language.

Well, in this case it's new languages as there are three in Luxembourg: they have French and German and also Luxembourgish, which is a spoken language (a High German language). The girls are already learning French in school so it won't be as hard for them as when we moved to Belgium and none of us had ever learned Flemish/Dutch. Kids are amazing when it comes to picking up new languages. It'll be much easier for me to help them because I've learned both German and French. I just have to polish my German and now I'll welcome the opportunity to become fluent in French. (I'm staying away from Luxembourgish as I see no reason to complicate my life any more than I already have.)

I feel like I need to say a proper goodbye to my darling girl Antwerp - I owe her that. So, I dug into my photo album to find the most touristy photos I could find, of the area around the Cathedral of Our Lady. I'll miss Antwerp, definitely, but the city won't be very far away.

Tomorrow I'm posting the Icelandic giveaway and I have to admit that I'm very excited about that one. To you bloggers out there, I'm a little busy packing and I'm using my latte breaks to browse through blogs but not always leaving comments. There should be an I-was-here box to tick on blogs!

Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Wow, that's huge and SO EXCITING! Having an opportunity to move from one beautiful destination to another gorgeous one, plus get a garden that you've always wanted, is just wonderful! Very happy for you and hope you all settle in nicely.

  2. Congratulations Lisa - what a BIG decision ( I noticed the big letters ;o) and yes boring boring to pack everything down - but how nice it will be to put it all in a lovely new house with a garden.
    Promise to take lots of photos to show us ;o)
    Happy packing to you - love to hear news from you about the 'new life' ;o)

  3. wow, that's exciting news. I'm happy for you. new beginnings are always great opportunities to, well, begin something new, and get rid of things and habits that would have been difficult to get rid of otherwise. besides, the two cities aren't that far away from each other, are they? it's like having two homes, like it is for me with London and Paris.

    cool, can't wait to see more of Luxembourg :)

    ich wuensch dir gute nerven beim packen xx

  4. How exciting!! Good luck getting everything organised Lisa. I am of course now looking forward to discovering Luxembourg through your future posts ;)
    And I totally agree with you about the 'I was here' box, that would be brilliant!xx

  5. I am very happy for you, Lisa! I know that packing is the most difficult thing in the world (right!), but once you'll be in your new home, everything will be better. That cherry tree is my envy :))) I hope one day I could write a goodbye blog to Bucharest :D. Good luck! :*

  6. aaa, I think there is a like button :D instead of I-was-here :D

  7. So excited for you Lisa, the challenge of moving to a new country and learning a new language will be a wonderful experience! Your new home sounds brilliant, a garden with a cherry tree will be incredible! I'm looking forward to your posts to come already :) Good luck with your packing, I know how not fun it is! xx

  8. We'll be watching you (in a non-creepy way of course) :) Good luck with everything :)

  9. That's very very exciting! I actually like packing.. (weird I know) I think it's the control freak thing... but unpacking - now that takes alot of decision making. It will be lovely to have a garden to care for - and a blossoming cherry tree ... beautiful. I can only imagine all the wonderful photos you will be posting of your new surrounds. Good luck with the language catch up. Every big decision for me always happens very very quickly - its the best way to do things I think! Good luck with your packing - if I was nearby I'd have printouts and lists ready for you! :) x

  10. I am SO thrilled to hear of your new opportunity! It sounds like you are very excited and look forward to a wonderful, new life in another new city. You will miss Antwerp as I do, and She will likely haunt you with lovely memories...as you say, Luxembourg is not far, and you can visit the "old girl" often!

    Can't wait to follow your adventures in your new HOME!!

    Warm wishes,


  11. Lisa, that's a great news and it must be so exciting for you and your family! As I mentioned before, one of my best friends lives there and I visited her so many times that I think I can give at least a couple of suggestions for cafes and restaurants...I know the packing is not a great activity, but try to think about what comes next...not just unpacking but starting a new life in a new place! I wish you all the best, Caterina

  12. I will miss your Antwerp posts. :) I very excited for you, Lisa, and I'm sure you are going to have a wonderful Luxembourg experience. xo

  13. How exciting and what a wonderful opportunity. Can't wait to follow your Luxembourg posts...

  14. That sounds so exciting and fun - you'll enjoy this I'm sure! :-)

  15. Lisa, good luck with your new adventure in Louxembourg! :)

    I've just discovered your blog and like it a lot!



  16. Oh gosh Lisa, this is so exciting! You are so lucky to be seeing/living in these fantastic parts of the world, learning the language and integrating with the culture (I would have loved that as a child). I will miss seeing your little corner of Antwerp but I know so very little about Luxembourg so I am looking forward to learning more through you! Good luck with the move – just think of your new garden as you pack the boxes!

  17. How exciting and I love your positive attitude to life. Your photos are beautiful but I passed through Luxembourg a few years ago and it seems like a lovely place to live. Bon voyage!

  18. How funny. I was just thinking how much I would like to live my country and go someplace else. I always thought about doing it but I'm an only child to divorced parents who never remarried...I would live my parents totally alone. It's the only thing that is stopping me. But You get to do it! Twice! Lucky girl.

  19. Good, exciting news!

    It's important that your children agree with you!

    ♥ Franka

  20. Wow Lisa, this is so fast!! I'm really loving how you and your family embrace change, diversity and happiness. You continue to inspire me.

    Hugs from London.

  21. we wish you 'bon voyage' and 'à bientôt'!!!

  22. Wow, that's great news dear! I'm sure you're going to have an amazing time in the new place (which of course we would like to see in pictures soon!) and I have to admit I'm a bit jealous with the garden thing! Oh boy... I hope next time you're having a gyros you'll call me over for a garden fiesta!

  23. Oh wow, this is exciting news Lisa!
    Hope you will let us tag along on your new adventure as well, cant wait to see your garden :)


  24. Wow Lisa, what exciting news! I'm so happy for you! These are gorgeous photos. Can't wait to hear all about your new life in Luxembourg! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  25. These are really exciting news, Lisa!! Wow, I really love the idea! I am sure you'll keep us well inspired from Luxembourg, too!! Happy new start!!

  26. What a super exciting move, Lisa! I can't wait to read about all your adventures and new inspirations here on the blog! :) xx

  27. Jiminn, spennandi tímar framundan! Sammála þér, maður á að stökkva á tækifærin og ekkert að hugsa hlutina út í það óendanlega (eins og ég á til en er að vinna í ;) ). Til hamingju með þessa ákvörðun. Og með garðinn! Mitt fyrsta verk þegar við fluttum til Egilsstaða frá Reykjavík var að þvo eina vél og fara svo með balann út í garð að hengja út þvottinn. Það þarf oft ekki mikið til að gera mann hamingjusaman :)

  28. Congratulations dear Lisa!
    What an exciting adventure, I am sure the children will love their new home especially with a garden.
    Best wishes for the move and all the packing and I hope you will have a wonderful time in Luxembourg.
    Wendy xo

  29. WOW, þú ert nú meiri ævintýrakonan elsku frænka.

    Gangi ykkur rosalega vel í flutningunum, jeminn hvað ég skil þig með hvað það er leiðinlegt að pakka öllu niður og koma sér fyrir "aftur".

    Hlakka til að fylgjast með þér í Lux.


  30. All the best with your move! Great photos here, I'd love to see Antwerp one day and also Luxembourg - please post photos after you move!

  31. How exciting for you and for us because now we will be getting to know a new country through your eyes! All the very best of luck with the move. X Sharon

  32. Hi Lisa!!! Congratulations! It's obvious I'm hardly ever in blogland these days, but I'm so glad I'm catching up with you around now to be able to read this!

    We are in the process of considering where we want to live and what we want to do. My husband often feels so sad for Rowan and his lack of grandparent situation. I have a couple of aunts and cousins, but as much as they adore him, there is no one nearby who wants him as much as a grandparent would.

    I wonder how is it for your children? Do they make friends easily and do you? And how do you make new friends in your new country? I've traveled a lot and never worried about this before, but haha now for some reason i do! Maybe the American worrybug bit me.

    Anyway, your moving to another new place also makes me feel excited for the possibilities in our future :)

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend and happy packing!!

  33. oh and a garden! in cherry blossom bloom, that sure helps!!!

  34. Enjoy Luxembourg! I hear its great.

  35. Oh, sooo nice. I didn't know you are moving to Luxembourg! I'm glad that you and your family are happy. We can say that you are an absolute world citizen. Good luck in your new life, Lisa.


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