Wednesday, 29 September 2010

girls bedroom

It's so much fun to view magazines on interior design or websites with children because they seem to know exactly what they want. Well, usually they want everything but that's a different story. Here are some of the items my girls have their eyes on at the moment. Personally, I love bookshelves that have the covers facing front. I'd like a small one to put on the wall in my kitchen for the cookbooks I'm currently reading.

rug, chair & bench: Maisons du Monde


  1. How cute is that first rug?! And also I need one of those bookshelves to put in my kitchen :)

    And yes, Amsterdam is amazing! It's a shame but I don't think I will have time to go there when I visit Holland in two weeks, but I will stop by Utrecht or Den Haag for sure!

  2. well, It is cute bedroom which is so beautiful. I like bedrooms which is well designed this is one of those image. I like colour combination. Stylish interior is look very good. This is perfect image of girls bedroom.


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