Tuesday, 14 September 2010

it's a wonderful blog world

I've been admiring blogs about interior decorating, design, and fashion (and food) for years. I love this particular blog world because it's simply about pretty things that light up people's lives, and, in some cases, beautiful photography as well. It can easily take one to a state of wonderful happiness in a second. There are so many talented people out there willing to share their work without a fee.

One doesn't have to own all those beautiful and stylish things; sometimes it's enough to enjoy the aesthetics. And do I enjoy it!

I also love it when I discover new blogs and one of my favourite newly discovered is FRYD + DESIGN. Jeanette Lunde is the author and I got her permission to share her photos. Choosing which photos to use was not an easy task, believe me!

She also has an e-magazine which almost makes me drool all over my laptop!

photo credit: Jeanetta Lunde of FRYD + DESIGN


  1. Amazing images and I love her blog as well! Think she just might be a fellow Norwegian as well :)

  2. Yes, I believe she is!

    You Norwegians are awesome people ;-) My hubby lived in Norway many years ago and loves the country and its people.


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