Thursday, 23 September 2010

real kitchen

OK, I'm going to have to use the word favourite again because the selby is one of my favourite bloggers. He photographs people in their home without using a stylist, just people and their home as it is, and I love it. Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for stylists and the work they do. However, as much as I enjoy magazines on interior design, architecture, etc., I sometimes cannot stand their presentation of kitchens.

Often I get the feeling that not a single soul has ever baked or cooked in them, that those kitchens have never been introduced to the concept of food! It is as if the contractor just left and the stylist brought with him an orchid to give some element of life to the space. I need that homey feeling to believe the kitchen is real.

the selby just posted images from his visit to Albert Maysles, the filmmaker, and his wife Gillian Walker, who live in Harlem. Their kitchen is not my style though I really like some of their kitchenware, but what I absolutely love is that these are images of a kitchen which has seen a lot of cooking. I mean, look at some of those awesome pots and pans!

My kitchen heart is beaming with joy.

photo credit: the selby

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  1. I assume that It is the small kitchen. So that It is full of with appliance . I am sure that You want to more space for your kitchen. I like second pictures in which floor is covered with tiles. Great idea.


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