Friday, 17 September 2010

romantic cups

I have a dear friend who currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She collects antique cups and what I have seen of her collection is beautiful. When I first saw Selina Lake's work below I immediately thought of my friend, who loved that photo when she saw it.

photo credit: Debi Treloar via Selina Lake
I have come across other images, which make me think of my friend.

photo via Ruby Lane

photo credit: The Chic Life 
photo credit: Cheryl MacLean on Flickr
And I have to include this photo taken when two of my closest friends were travelling in Tanzania in 2007. They have travelled to Africa so often that I'm no longer counting; I simply enjoy the stories and photos every time they return. This beautiful silver was sitting in their hotel room.

photo credit: Sigrun & JOE

PS. I'm a huge fan of Selina Lake (as some may have noticed) and her new book, 
Romantic Style, has now been published. I have to get a copy.


  1. That first picture is indeed amazing! Love old romantic teacups like that :)

  2. I love teacups and mugs! And Winnipeg is pretty cool too - I have been there :)

  3. Meghan, I lived in Winnipeg for a few months last year. Some parts of the city are beautiful. We lived on Guildford St. in St. James, very close to the Assiniboine Park.

    I adore tea cups but I'm no friend of mugs ;-) I searched and searched and searched some more for small coffee cups in Winnipeg but I had no luck at all. So, I bought mugs, but I bought really nice ones from Marie Claire, which made me feel less like a truck driver :-)))


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