Sunday, 3 October 2010

beautiful autumn

Antwerp is at its best today. The weather is divine: sunny and already 21°C. I'm sitting at our dining table looking out the large window and admiring the trees of the Nightingale Park, which is almost at our doorstep. Some of the trees are still green; others are already wearing their autumn coat. Then we have the evergreens, the beautiful cypress trees in our neighbours' gardens. I wish I could share this with you but my camera is broken, so I have to borrow some autumn treats from others.

Paris ...

photo credit: Nomadic Vision
London ...

photo credit: Friday Food Club
Somewhere ...

photo via PicsDigger


  1. Lovely images - got to love autumn!

    You are lucky to still have 21°C still though, I think Olso is more like 8°C today so starting to get really chilly over here :)

  2. I could so easily settle for 21°C until Christmas ;-)


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