Friday, 22 October 2010

cosy bathroom

I'm very much into cosy bathrooms, and by cosy I mean romantic. I'm not talking about overdoing things by painting the walls pink and adding flower decorations. I'm just talking about a few small items to add that romantic touch and feeling of warmth. Sometimes it's enough just to buy new towels, a soap dish or a nice jar to store cotton wool pads. And if you have curtains you can buy vintage tie backs.

waste bin:
soap dish: Powder Blue
towels: The White Company
glass tiebacks: The Vintage Garden
bath rack & glass jar: Graham and Green


  1. very pretty :) I have a tiny bathroom that I can never seem to get clean enough. Maybe I should try buying nice things for it...

  2. tiny bathrooms need good organization, that's for sure! Is Home Sense in your area? I loved that store in Winnipeg, it had so many pretty things for a reasonable price.

  3. Some lovely picks there Lisa! Soooooeeeee, when are you coming to redecorate my apartment? :D
    Have a fab weekend!!

  4. A trip to Oslo and an unlimited budget for redecorating?!! Count me in, Signe ;-)


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