Tuesday, 19 October 2010

dream sofa

I want to marry that sofa! It's from Designers Guild and the collection is called 'Hayward', available with all kinds of fabrics or Italian leather. One day, when my children are older or have moved out, I'm getting one in the exact same colour.


  1. It is indeed lovely, love the two colors!

    And it was good to make it home, thank god they let me get on that plane, even though a little more time with Cas would not have killed me either :)

  2. Apparently, my hubby doesn't really like it so I'm probably getting what Virginia Woolf referred to as 'a room of [my] own' ;-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your taste in bold design!

  4. The sofa is gorgeous and also the lamp. Yes please, I'll have one or two or just one in each room of my house....


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