Saturday, 2 October 2010

the pink ribbon

Fortunately, there sometimes is good news from my home country, Iceland. The selling of the Pink Ribbon Brooch to fight breast cancer is one of them. Every year the Icelandic Cancer Society sets the goal to sell about 40,000 ribbons (Iceland has a population of only 300,000) and uses the proceeds to buy better cancer diagnosis
equipment. The ribbons are a beautiful piece of jewellery by Icelandic designers.

There are two versions of the jewellery, one less expensive that is sold in shops all over the country and one more expensive that is sold in a particular jewellery shop. The 2010 brooch is the design of product designer Ragnheidur I. Margeirsdottir. The less expensive piece is available in two colours, soft and bright pink.

Below is the more expensive silver brooch.

The 2009 ribbon is the design of Sif Jakobs. She also designed earrings and 
necklaces for those who wanted to support the cause but didn't want the brooch.

Hendrikka Waage (her website is under construction but here is the Facebook page) designed the 2008 ribbon, which I'm a proud owner of. I have it pinned in a black sweater that is like a coat so the pink colour of the brooch sticks out. In foreign countries, strangers have asked me where I got my ribbon, and when I tell them the story behind it they seem to like it even more.

One final thing. If you are a Facebook user then I'd like to point out a good cause on Facebook called: Turn Facebook Pink For 1 Week For Breast Cancer Awareness. It would be nice to see that happening, so please spread the word.


  1. These are lovely and such a nice twist to the pink ribbon cause!
    Have a great weekend Lisa :)

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! ...and for such a great cause!
    They've got such a beautiful design, I'm loving all of those intricate details within each pin; they look so romantic. ; u ;

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  3. I don't know if the jewellery idea is used in other countries to raise money for this cause. It's an excellent idea.

    I'm waiting for my new brooch to arrive in the mail.


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