Saturday, 23 October 2010

polka dot fever

A foodie friend of mine is crazy about polka dots, and by crazy I mean crazy. I got an email from her this morning saying that she has been sleep deprived lately because of noisy neighbours. I had to do some imaginary shopping online just to cheer her up.

These are things that would be perfect in her kitchen.

kettle & toaster: John Lewis
Built getaway tote: Mulberry Hall
Emma Bridgewater bowl: Mulberry Hall
Emma Bridgewater baker & notebook: John Lewis and Mulberry Hall


  1. Have to have this, have to have this, have to have this......muttering to myself......rocking back and forth on the couch... (crazy?)....but it did cheer me up though so mission accomplished :)

  2. wonderfully polka dot crazy ... I knew this would cheer you up ;-)

  3. Hihi, these are all so fun!
    I would not mind a toaster like that :)

  4. the polka dot craziness is catching on ;-)

  5. That toaster is sooo awesome!!

  6. the polka dot craziness has now reached Canada!


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