Wednesday, 20 October 2010

think pink

I'm all about furniture these days because we need a new sofa and at least one armchair or a daybed. I'm inclined to buy a sofa in shades of grey or brown and then spice things up with colourful pillows and curtains. But wouldn't it be wonderful to be romantic or plain wild and go with pink?

via Anna French
via FF
via DecorPad
Lili Diallo via New York Magazine
Graham and Greene via FF


  1. Gorgeous wallpaper in that first photo! I love it! Pretty blog you have! ~Debby xo

  2. Love the wallpaper in that first photo! Gorgeous! ~Debby xo

  3. Thank you Debby. Yes, that wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous and was one of the reasons I chose to use that image ;-) Anna French has amazing collections:

  4. That second sofa is just to die for! I am not even a pink kind of girl but I would settle for that one :)

  5. Signe, let's move in together ;-)

  6. Now this would be a way to totally whoop it up!! How about that last one?? Or the one just above it with the pink brocade and gold details? Beautiful. Practicality is far overrated, me thinks :)


  7. I totally agree with you, Carrie, on that last thought ;-) We need colours!


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