Saturday, 16 October 2010

wonderful walls

I love this living room's beautiful colour combination; how the different shades of grey furniture stick out in spite of the wallpaper. Then we have the rich colours of the pillows, blinds, and other small items, which create that perfect look. As a Filofax lover I couldn't help noticing the colour of the Filofax on the small table next to the sofa.

via Www.Interi0rDesign.Com

Harlequin has the most beautiful collection of stylish and glamorous wallpapers and fabrics. Be creative and colour your walls without painting!

via Harlequin


  1. Such stunning combinations! I'm pretty head over heels with the bluish rooms. I never thought I would be a wallpaper fan, but I've been liking what I see of it these days.

  2. I think wallpaper simply got a really bad rep for a while ;-) And believe me, I've seen some tacky ones!

    If using wallpaper, I guess one just has to keep in mind that less is more. I'd like to cover one big wall in a certain room or two walls that meet in a small room. I think that would be my rule. Then simply find a good colour combo for furniture, items, etc. It can't go wrong.


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