Monday, 1 November 2010


I'm extremely fond of everything vintage and antique and I'm also a believer in less is more. If you use too much of such things in one room, it tends to become too demanding (if you fill your home with them and invite me for coffee you'll probably see me running away in a claustrophobic frenzy).

The first two images appeal to me; a vintage desk and a bedside table surrounded with space and flowers. Start brewing that coffee and I'll be there!

via Heartbeatoz

via DesignTies

Then we have these two and I start feeling a bit restricted. In my opinion, these rooms are too flat, there is nothing really sticking out. Don't get me wrong, the house owners put effort into creating the perfect home and this is their taste. But I would love to make some changes.

In the room to the left, I'd replace that green-framed artwork and the candlestick with a mirror, three small glass candlesticks, and a vase with fresh flowers. In the room to the right, I'd replace all the small items and the mirror with more colourful items. The flowers also have to go. If you ask nicely the chair can stay but let's paint it.

photo credit:
left: Steven Randazzo for Country Living
right: Grey Crawford for Country Living


  1. Great suggestions, I agree!

    p.s. Williams Sonoma giveaway if it interest you! xo

  2. I get what you mean. I must say your blog looks great! Happy i came around here :)

  3. Debby, I saw it on Facebook and I'm in ;-)

    Thank you Rose et Jaune, you're on my blog list. If I remember correctly, I found your blog via the wonderful world of SignePling ;-)

  4. Those two first rooms are perfect but I agree that the two last are a bit too much 'everything goes together perfectly' and I agree it needs a few items that stand out :)

    Have a fab Tuesday Lisa!

  5. ooh totally agree with you on this one. that chair would be much better painted too :)


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