Thursday, 4 November 2010

black frames

I have been thinking of a framed wall in our home with photos of family members, travel destinations, etc. in black frames only. There is a small wall in the corner of our living room and next to it is a glass door with glass frames on both sides. The ceiling is rather high so the framed wall wouldn't look crammed.

Here are some images that I've bookmarked. The image of the office is in my new book, Domino; it's the office of interior designer Mary McDonald. I had to include the images with the black-framed mirrors; it's not my style but I like the space.

via Ideal Home
via Coastal Living and Blossom Interiors

via theLennoxx


  1. One of my favorite looks! I am making a wall collage going up my stairs! xo

  2. I like framed walls a lot! I have a little wallcollage in my room, but I still have some family pictures lying around here, also need to frame them. :)

  3. All my frames are black but my walls look nothing like this! But it's a great idea, can't wait to see how it turns out in your place if you go through with it :)

  4. Debby, you promise a photo on your blog when you're done!

    Rose et Jaune, start framing the rest, and Signe, make your walls look like this! ;-)

  5. I love frame walls, even with the mirrors! We have one now with what little we actually have here. And it's my favorite wall in the house :)

  6. Love, love, love the idea...wherever I have been where there have been walls displaying photos like this in black frames, it always looks utterly gorgeous!


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