Friday, 12 November 2010

purple holidays

As I have mentioned before, I'm thinking about the colour purple as the main theme for our home during the holidays. However, I'm not going to cling to it, I'm not going to run around shops desperately trying to find the perfect purple ornaments. I'll keep my mind open if I see something in another colour that appeals to me.

I like the minimalism in these images; this is exactly what I'm aiming for.

I had to include this purple theme tear sheet from BoligLiv because my daughters are fascinated by the knitted cupcakes. Believe me, I won't be knitting cupcakes!

via BoligLiv


  1. You already know what I think about purple? :)
    So naturally I adore all of these images and especially that first table setting - it is perfection!

    Wish you a lovely weekend Lisa :)

  2. I knew these images would appeal to the purple lady in Oslo ;-)

    Did you notice the reindeer? I love it. I have to find a reindeer; that's the only thing I'll sacrifice myself for: the perfect reindeer decoration. And Antwerp shops better deliver!

  3. Thank you for the Pinterest invite dear :)

    And yes, I noticed the reindeer! If you are really lucky you can find some really nice vintage deers in second hand stores or maybe on etsy?


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