Tuesday, 9 November 2010

table dressing

As a food lover, one of the first things I start thinking about before the holidays is how to dress my table. I have to admit that mine doesn't look as fancy as the ones below, but I like choosing a theme and a certain colour. This year, there will be tulips and a reindeer, maybe a white one, and I'm thinking about the colour purple.

Here are some ideas.

via Bo Bedre, photo credit: Martin Sølyst & Erik Bjørn

via Selina Lake, photo: Gloria Nicol

via Berlingske Tidende

via Home Office Decoration

via Martha Stewart

unknown source

via Country Living, photo credit: Ann Stratton


  1. These are gorgeous! Those first two white tablescapes are dreamy! I might need to recreate! Thanks for sharing. xo

  2. I love beautifully decorated tables. Please recreate and spread the love!

    My son (5 y.o.) is especially fond of the 3rd image; he says it's like what they do in palaces ;-)

  3. Such beautifully decorated tables!
    But what caught my eye most of all in this post was the raw wooden table in the 4th picture - I need one!

  4. How exciting, I would love to be at your dinner table! :) The first one is my favorite. Love the light and purple and a white reindeer sounds fabulous. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. so pretty! I wish I was good at table setting - I just don't have an eye for detail in those kinda things.

  6. superb good taste in decor and design Lisa...
    j'adore your finds for today's post!

  7. I love the 3rd and 6th most, they look like
    traditional christmas and i get what your son means about the 3rd ^^. I also like the 7th a lot, love this icy, snowy christmas mood.

  8. Tables like these remind me of my late grandmother who was a really classy lady and bit of a snob, haha. She had cups in various colours with gold rims, so beautiful. I remember admiring them and her table dressing so much.

  9. I love the one with the little Christmas tree ♥

  10. Yes, maritaBliss, that one is nice ... and your blog is so lovely, I just added it to my blogroll. I have a hubby who is a big fan of Norway and the Norwegians, he used to live there many many years ago.

  11. WHat a gorgeous blog.....I just found your link.....beautiful photos:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Enter my Awesome ModCloth Giveaway

  12. Ooh! Gorgeous settings, these have to be some of my favourites. You've got such a beautiful site!

    Have a fab week



  13. This is so beautiful and inspiring. I love your Blog so much I have added it to my Blogroll @ http://benabasilscorner.blogspot.com/


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