Friday, 3 December 2010

the alternative christmas tree

We haven't decided what kind of tree to buy but because of the children we'll definitely be one of the conventional tree people. If you feel like it, how about doing something different this year?

via le journal de la Maison

via Interior and Exterior Trends


  1. Love all these ideas!But i must admit, we`ll have this *green/good smelling* piece of nature in the house again as every year....maybe a smaller one and more *pure style*! :)
    Have a cozy weekend! Beate :) XX

  2. Green good smelling nature can't go wrong ;-) Enjoy your weekend too.

  3. What a fabulous post!! simply loved the images and ideas!!

  4. thank you lila. Will you be spending Christmas in Dubai?

  5. Hihi, the first one is cute but I think we will probably stick with a real one as well! It just smells so much like Christmas!

    Wish you a great weekend sweet Lisa :)

  6. These are amazing ideas!! I had an outline of a tree that I did in Christmas lights one year in my residence room since we were not allowed real trees.

    Growing up, we never had a real tree - my mom hated the mess it made and we had pets that would always climb them. We always had artificial trees, but I loved it just the same. At work we have a real tree and it smells soo amazing!


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