Friday, 10 December 2010

christmas countdowns

I don't use any form of Christmas countdowns, probably because I have three children who make sure I don't forget. But I have to say that I really like these DIY solutions.

top-left: apartment therapy
top-right: Martha Stewart
bottom-left: MommyQ
bottom-right: unknown source


  1. I like the one with the little socks the best ♥

  2. Really cute findings!I love the first decoration most, but all of them are *special*!
    So nice...thanks for sharing...Beate :) XXX

    PS: We`ve got a snow chaos here in is it in Antwerp??? No busses are running, children don`t have to go to school today...what a *fiesta* for my girl ;)

  3. Such great solutions! I like the one on the top left most :)

  4. Beate, we had some snow in Antwerp for a few days but now it's all gone. Today we had 5°C and some rain, very lovely weather.

  5. aw, so cute about your kids! I don't have my own, but my niece is constantly singing jingle bells!

    PS - CHRISTMAS! lol.

  6. so so sweet -- I cannot choose a favorite! love these ideas :)

    thank you also, so much, for all of your kind comments and visits! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, xx

  7. Sæl og blessuð
    mikið er síðan þín falleg, ég kem regluleg hér inn í heimsókn
    kveðja Adda á Akureyri

  8. Takk Adda, þú ert alltaf velkomin ;-)


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