Friday, 17 December 2010

comfy christmas

One of the perks of living abroad, far away from all relatives and close friends, is that at Christmas there are no parties to attend. It's all about relaxing at home in comfortable clothes and warm socks. Last year we were in Copenhagen and held our first pyjamas Christmas, as we call it. We wore organic cotton and had the most relaxed Christmas ever. A few weeks ago, I asked my children what they wanted to wear on Christmas Eve and they almost screamed PYJAMAS! None of them was interested in going shopping for something fancier (after eating and opening the presents they'll put on their new pyjamas anyway). So, for us it's comfy Christmas again and I'm all for it. However, if I was to dress up, and had a little extra cash for luxury, I'd definitely go for red.

watch: Dior
brooch: Avalaya
Calvin Klein bra: NET-A-PORTER
nail polish, Dragon 475: Chanel
Dior peeptoe court shoes: Flannels
Stella McCartney bow neck silk dress: farfetch
(with a little help from Polyvore)


  1. Oh my god that dress! Stella - why do you do this to me?! NOT cool...

    And enjoy your weekend Lisa :)

  2. you can hire it for 2 nights for £89 or 7 nights for £99:

    I just made it worse, didn't I? ;-)

  3. Lisa!Wearing this dress (and shoes!)for a christmas party you`re gonna be the *eye candy*, *superwoman*, *dreamgirl* for all men in the room!!! :))What a perfect red!Just cool.
    But I bet, your also looking great in a comfy pyjama....enjoy your day! Beate :) XXX

  4. Love the red clutch! xo

  5. Love wearing pyjamas all day on Christmas with nowhere to go.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Rambles with Reese


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