Monday, 6 December 2010

grey & classy

My latest post have been all about Christmas so I felt the need for a little imaginary shopping – something grey and classy. Well, the Valentino chiffon-embroidered jersey T-shirt is lavender and beautiful so I had to include it. You won't see me wearing that dress but I have a soft spot for ruffled skirts.

Casadei shoes: farfetch
French Connection coat: Oli
Louise bag by Rika: La Garçonne
bracelet & flower clip: Nordstrom
Alice + Olivia dress: NET-A-PORTER
Valentino jersey T-shirt: NET-A-PORTER
(with a little help from Polyvore)


  1. Absolutely love the coat, shoes, bag and bracelets! That gunmetal gray is one of my favorite colors on clothes (and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that it matches my extensive purple collection of clothes! Nothing you hear me?!)

    Have a lovely Monday :)

  2. I hear ya! Loud and clear! Nothing to do with the purple, absolutely NOTHING!

    I think this is going to be a wonderful Monday!

  3. The coat is a dream! As well as the Valentino T-Shirt and the Brooch...what a outfit! :)
    Mrs. Lisa`ve got style!
    Have a very happy Monday, Beate ♥

  4. I think the coat isn't really that expensive but the bag and the other outfits have price tags I'm not particularly fond of ;-)

  5. You have wonderful taste... I would wear everything you selected!! xo

  6. fantastic grey pieces! I cannot get over the coat -- it's so so chic. thank you also for your visits and such nice comments -- you make my day :)

    have a wonderful evening,

  7. ugh!! i love it all - especially that a+o dress. it is wonderful and beautiful and i bet it's kind, too. prolly not on the pocketbook, but still a bff for sure. hehe


  8. Hanna: Your Icelandic is perfect ;-) Thank you for your greeting.

    Sarah: Thank you for your visit. Yeah I know, that coat is really nice, everyone seems to like it. And keep up the good work because I'm not done with those comments ;-)

    Carrie: I think the dress costs 600-700 dollars. Wouldn't it be wonderful to splurge? ;-)


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