Saturday, 4 December 2010

holidays essentials

I just realized we haven't gone imaginary shopping for some time. With the holidays approaching, I've been spending some time online to get some ideas for my Christmas table. I still haven't decided on a colour theme because I haven't found anything in purple that totally grips me. Currently, I'm open for red. It's classic and it can't go wrong.

 Luminarc champagne flute glass: Amazon
square platter & reindeer mug: John Lewis
standing stag & glass tea light holder: Heal's


  1. Love that platter! Right up my alley :)


  2. I love the teapot and cup set. I need one of those...

    Love the red too!

  3. I bought two green blue glass tea light holders in Habitat the other day and must say they look really nice with red. Maybe that will be my Christmas theme this year.

    I still haven't found a reindeer in Antwerp. I should have visited a friend of mine in London and gone Christmas shopping there. Heal's and John Lewis have so beautiful stuff.

  4. Love these. And I never considered a purple setting but after you mentioned it, I think I have a new obsession....

    Here's one idea:

  5. Anait, I cannot believe your shared that link because I already have it in my LatteLisa bookmarks ;-)

    Unfortunately, all the purple ornaments I've seen so far have been rather tacky, I don't know, just too purple and loud somehow! Can ornaments be loud? ;-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love the red... how cute is the deer? Hope you are having a good weekend. xo


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