Wednesday, 8 December 2010

i think of angels

I found sad news in my inbox this morning from a friend who is in mourning so I had to post this beautiful song, called I Think of Angels.

The performers are Icelandic musicians, siblings, and the song was written in the memory of their sister, who died in a car crash early in the 90s.

image via ffffound
YouTube #1: KK & Ellen Kristjánsdótttir / I Think of Angels
YouTube #2: live on Norwegian TV music: KK


  1. Such a lovely song and best wishes to your friend!


  2. Dear Lisa,
    ....angel music....wonderful tunes for still moments!At first I had to look up in my dictionary what *in mourning* means, but now I know...hope times will change soon for your friend!
    Best to you and your friend, Beate XXX

  3. Takk elsku vinkona

  4. One of the most beautiful songs ever written.


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