Thursday, 23 December 2010

blue & white patterns II

It's blue-white-floral-pattern-settee mood for me again (we've been through this before, it is a word!). Well, I've been feeling that way for many weeks; I've just been trying to spare you.

Yesterday, when I stumbled upon the website of Danish photographer, Morten Holtum, I had to give in. I think I've never seen Royal Copenhagen tableware presented as appealing and fascinating. Raw and beautiful - I love it. And I had to include that bedroom because this is exactly what I'm aiming for. I've kept my eyes open for a similar bench, perhaps a bit more modern, for our bedroom. Next year, I'll find the right one!

This is my last blue and white dose before Christmas, I promise.

photo credit: Morten Holtum

I also had to include this French settee-like daybed. I'm not going to tell you how much I'd like to have one exactly like this one. Think feminine-looking reading room.


  1. Don't worry, Lisa, blue and white is always beautiful.....

  2. Lovely! I'll take all of those cups and mugs please :)

  3. love this design -- reminds me of my childhood; thanks for all the beautiful pictures and inspirations : )

  4. thank you Jules for stopping by and for your sweet comment


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