Saturday, 11 December 2010

nine years

It's been nine years since my younger daughter was born – unbelievable how fast time flies! Last year, on her birthday, we were living in a temporary apartment in Copenhagen. We had recently arrived in Denmark and the children weren't attending school. When we weren't strolling around Copenhagen, which is wonderful in December, the girls were busy making art. This is a stamp collection they made and it brings back so many good memories.

photos: Lisa Hjalt

Last year, the birthday girl, who always knows what she wants, asked for a sandwich with bacon at The Laundromat Cafe (I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Copenhagen. We really liked the one located on Elmegade, in Nørrebro. And yes, as the name indicates, you can do your laundry while enjoying coffee or a wonderful meal). Today she asked for lasagne with kidney beans and almond cake with meringue, which I recently was experimenting with.

Of course I will deliver.


  1. Such a sweet age... love the stamp collection! xo

  2. enjoy every single minute of her childhood... they grow so fast...Lovely post Lisa!

  3. The stamp collection is awesome!!! Happy birthday!!!

  4. Nine is b-day!! This is the sweetest stamp collection I've ever seen! And your simple, effortless, elegant blog picked up my heart, Lisa!!
    Ps:I love girls who exactly know what they want! Yeah!
    I follow you!

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter - hope she enjoyed her Lasagna :)

  6. Signe, she certainly enjoyed her lasagne and ate well. We all did ;-)


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