Wednesday, 1 December 2010

official christmas mood

It's December so I'm officially in a Christmas mood. I've now got red letters in my header and my 'au revoir' greeting is also red. Let's balance it out with white and light blue snowflake crafts, shall we.

Have a wonderful December, everyone.

photo credit: Frances Janisch for Country Living


  1. Hahaha, I bet you are! It is just the perfect plum color! But I would not mind a red one either; maybe the answer is to get two?

    And I love these images. Blue is such an unusual Christmas color but combined with white and crème it really works!

    Have a lovely Wednesday Lisa :)

  2. You should definitely get two, not a question. Just let me have a chat with your brother ;-)

    I've never had a light blue Christmas theme. And so far, I haven't found anything purple that agrees with my Christmas mood so I'm just keeping my mind open.

  3. This is so pretty, Lisa! xo

  4. so pretty -- love the icy blue :)


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