Friday, 21 January 2011

adele 21

ADELE is releasing her second album, 21, in the UK on January the 24th (about one month later in the US). I cannot wait to have it in my hands. I've been a fan since I first heard her perform Chasing Pavements from 19. ADELE performed her new song Someone Like You on Later... with Jools Holland in November and it's simply beautiful. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that someone with such a beautiful and mature voice can be only 23 years old.

YouTube: ADELE / Someone Like You


  1. With her latest song Rolling in the deep my impression of her really got through, she has an amazing sound and talent, I totally agree with you. I'm not her biggest fan but I enjoy listening to her great songs. Thanks for sharing this beautiful performance, hadn't seen it before.


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