Saturday, 29 January 2011

a balanced home

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the image of the sliding door behind these custom-made bookshelves and I was drawn to the combination of glass, wood and the bedroom's soft colours. I had to look up more photos of this home. The designer is L. Danielle Fennoy and she runs her own New York based design firm, Revamp LLC. She has created a bright modern home, yet calm and balanced - I love that. I also love the way she plays with colours; see how the red shades of the rug and pillows in the living room reflect the saffron tablecloth in the bedroom. Beautiful work.

photos: Revamp LLC


  1. Love the soft modernness, beautiful!

  2. It looks so calm and beautiful!

  3. Oh that wallpaper! And that bedding...I finally found it on if I could only find a bank account with more zeros than mine ;)


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