Wednesday, 26 January 2011

the bedroom

When I saw these images it was instant love. I'm all for colours, even bright colours. However, in the bedroom my rule is simple: no dramatic statements, no big stripes or bold patterns – soft and soothing colours and cotton are the key. I think the mind simply needs the rest at the end of the day; a break from everything that stimulates the senses. Another rule of mine: Bedlinen made of synthetics is a definite no-no. And remember to make your bed every morning.


  1. I'm completely with you--I love the simplicity of these. so alluring.

  2. Hello Lisa
    I love too this imagens. white is always nice and do not ever go wrong with it.

  3. Yep!The made bed is the first thing I see, when it`s time to rest.I never leave the house with the beds undone.I love the view on the linen, covers, throws, pillows, etc.
    Pure, clean, fresh colours are my favourites,too.I cannot more agree....Beate :)

  4. Love love love! Especially that first one :)

  5. I can find myself in your philosophy of calmness in the bedroom. Love these examples!

  6. these are beautiful! my sheets right now are gold, but i definitely see what you mean about the beauty of the color white, especially in a bedroom. :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. The embellishments are what get me! Simple, but with unique details. LOVE.

    Oh, and thank you for sharing your smoothie recipe...its next on my list!

  8. Thank you Mimi for stopping by.

    Anait, you're welcome, I hope you like the smoothie.


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