Monday, 24 January 2011

bright colours

I cannot describe how much I love the use of bright colours in this Connecticut home, designed by Allison Caccoma. The tulips, branches, vases and that 1940s blue glass lamp in the third photo – right up my alley.

photo credit: Jonny Valiant for House Beautiful


  1. Gorgeous!!!! Fantastic lamp, vases and flowers. Thanks for sharing this and the link, lamp lady;). Her work is so beautiful! I'm having a color and interior mood too this morning;)

  2. I looove this! Saving these photos

  3. you mean crazy lamp lady, don't you? ;-) You're welcome.

    I think I bookmarked like 50 colourful kitchens this weekend and I found this home while browsing. I have a soft spot for tulips ... and lamps ;-)

  4. That makes two of us! Beautiful use of color! xo

  5. This blue is like the carribean! I guess, I have to look after such lamp, Lisa!
    Yes, I adore these tones, too....spring time!!!
    Beate :) XOXO

  6. I'm in love with these photos! Can blue look any better! Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie!

  7. amazing! I am always scared of using bright colours - but these photos look beautiful! I just need to learn how to use them right :)

  8. So so pretty and fresh! I adore the first image most of all -- how lovely the kitchen must smell... have a great start to the new week :)


  9. Great selection of images. I love the bright of this colours. Congratulations.


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