Monday, 10 January 2011

early spring

Spring is in the air. I can just feel it. And the weather forecast promises 18°C in Antwerp next Thursday. Wonderful spring, please arrive early this year!

photo credit:
1: (Keira Knightley): Mike Owen


  1. hér snjóar og snjóar og snjóar og snjóar.....
    svo vorið má sannarlega koma
    snemma í ár!
    bkv til þín

  2. I'm ready for spring too! I can't stop buying sandals and sundresses - even though it's below freezing here!
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  3. Lovely images! And I am keeping my fingers crossed for an early spring as well - maybe in march if I am lucky :)

  4. That dress, those flowers....I've been craving warmer weather since Christmas was over. All the snow has melted and I am keeping my fingers crossed that not too much more is on the way

  5. Gorgeous images, love love love the flowers! Hope your 18C day will be sunny:)

  6. I wish spring was in the air here too. It's freezing!!

  7. thank you ladies for lovely comments ... I think we'll get rain with those 18 degrees.

    It's definitely getting warmer over here and I love it ;-)

  8. Fingers crossed that that's the case! Spring cannot come soon enough : ) Have a wonderful week!


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