Tuesday, 25 January 2011

introducing reykjavik letterpress

I am taking you to my home country, Iceland, with a population of three hundred thousand. As some of you may know, Iceland was hit hard by the economic crisis and is still in recovery. Amazingly, however, this hardship has motivated Icelandic entrepreneurs. There are people everywhere thinking outside the box and starting their own business.

So, let me proudly introduce to you Reykjavik Letterpress (website under construction), founded by graphic designers Olof Birna Gardarsdottir and Hildur Sigurdardottir. It has been a pleasure following them on Facebook and seeing what they have been doing; from the moment they bought the printing machine and learned to master the letterpress technique until they were in full swing, designing and printing beautiful products for individuals and companies.

Nothing is stopping these two talented ladies, not even recession. Believe me,
they have plenty of energy and fresh ideas!

photos: Reykjavik Letterpress on Facebook

Reykjavik Letterpress
Lindargata 50
101 Reykjavik
Tel: 5 170 150, email: reykjavik@letterpress.is


  1. i love everything to do with stationary and these pics look so lovely! wishing them all the very best with their shop!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I guess, it`s necessary to support those talented artists from a country like iceland which was or is involved of the economic crisis as we all know.
    I love all kinds of typography as well as *paper work* and I think, it`s fun to create all these beautiful things!
    All the best for the day...Beate :)

  3. So much loveliness collected in one spot!


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