Monday, 17 January 2011

my monday mood

I turned to my vintage board on Pinterest to express my Monday mood (and did my best to find the original source for all the images). Today's plan is to wash the floors and then do absolutely nothing until I get on my bicycle to pick up my children from school. Well, I will most certainly have some coffee and organic chocolate! What are you guys up to today?

photo credit:
jasmine glass: IlluminatedPerfume on Flickr
white room: Ellen McDermott for Country Living
chandelier: unknown source
french blue cupboard: Maria at Dreamy Whites
bicycle: Jamie at From Me To You
cup: Lona A. on Flickr
Eiffel tower chocolate: Anne-Solange Tardy at Cachemire & Soie
room with vintage secretary: unknown source


  1. Creamy, soft pretty!The chandelier is my favourite!I was cleaning the windows this morning, I broke the glass bottom of my little *fountain* in the living room and
    decided to throw away one of my oldest self-made terracotta figure (kind of a southafrican princess...)!
    Have a sunny monday...Beate :)

  2. Beate, when I break something my hubby usually says: "Throw the thing, keep the memory." I like his detachment philosophy, but it can be a bit frustrating, breaking things that have emotional value.

  3. I love that you can pick up your kids from school on a bycicle...America's dependence on cars and the way people(outside the city) refuse to walk anywhere is one of the greatest things I loathe about it.

  4. Anait, I love it too. There are cycle routes all over Antwerp. I just have to bike to the end of our street and then a cycle route takes me all the way to the school. And there is grass and trees between me and the traffic so it's really nice to bike.

  5. I am with Anait--I also really love the bicycle convenience.
    Lovely photos--they add something light to my rainy, gray day (though only in weather: in spirit I'm quite cheery).

  6. That last photo with the vintage secretary is beautiful!! Love it! xo

  7. I love the last photo of vintage French stamps :) Evokes romance...really beautiful.


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