Sunday, 9 January 2011

my sunday mood

French blue paint is my idea of a happy kitchen and you probably already know all about my love for settees. I seriously need to start saving for a vacation in the French countryside! Just so you know, when this is written I'm still under the influence of the croissants we had for breakfast.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!.


  1. Just found your blog and have to say it is great! Love it:) Now following you. Also love France very much and their typical soft colored interiors. Enjoy your sunday:)

  2. Olá Lisa.
    Really, this is a special and lovely blue.

  3. Wonderful, just wonderful.... :)
    My croissants this morning are eaten by my hungry daughter and her friend late at night, when they came home from a,no french feeling on this sunday for mom.

    Sweet Sunday!
    Beate ;) XX

  4. Beate, I need to have a serious talk with your daughter and her friend; explain to them the significance of croissants for mothers on a Sunday morning! ;-)

  5. so pretty, fresh, and airy. I love the feel of it. I would love to go back to France. The last time I went I just stayed in Paris and didn't have the money to venture out into the country or other towns. Next time :)

  6. Ahhhh french design thrills me. It's so cozy, charming and unique. And it always has character. French countryside = MUST!

  7. Such a lovely color and great inspiration from you as always! And I love to follow your pintererst finds as well :)



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