Wednesday, 19 January 2011

hello sun

The sun is out again and I'm feeling the need to visit the flower shop further down the street
to see if they have any white, pink or reddish flowers for our dining room windowsill. Hubby
has the day off so I'm also sensing latte and croissants, or maybe homemade pancakes. 
These images from Harlequin express my mood perfectly; I love the way the rooms seem to
be greeting the sun light. The collections of wallpapers are called Amilie (top row), Lalika and

photos: Harlequin


  1. That´s lovely. I really long for spring now. I love your blog! Adding you to my favorites :)


  2. I am itching for spring, too.
    Really, really enjoy the designs in the pictures.

  3. Hi Lisa! it's so nice to meet you and your very inspirational blog!
    See you around =)
    Eleni of My Paradissi

  4. thank you ladies for stopping by, you're always welcome ;-)


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