Thursday, 17 February 2011

carolina herrera autumn 2011

I'm in a fashion mood these days, after all, it is New York Fashion Week. I don't want to drown you with runway images so today I decided to pick just two looks from the Carolina Herrera Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection. When I was viewing the slide show these are the colours that made me really happy – so refreshing. They also reminded me of photos of beautiful ranunculus I came across the other day.

Are you following the NY Fashion Week? Do you have a favourite?

photo credit:
Carolina Herrera: via New York Magazine
ranunculus : Teresa at Meadowbrook Farm


  1. Those ranunculus are gorgeous - one of my favourite flowers. Love the A/W collection from Carolina Herrera and the turquoise is so refreshing.

  2. I've saved quite some images from this collection as well, I think it's so beautiful and feminine (as always). The turquoise is beautiful against the browns. Also loved the purple and orange hues plus the classic black dress with the furr neckline <3 We're quite on the same level lately;)

  3. Christel, that dress with the fur neckline was gorgeous. I came very close to posting it ;-)

  4. Carolina Herrera was certainly among my favourites (the black dress with the fur neckline is indeed gorgeous, so Hitchcock heroine style). Also Donna Karan and Alexander Wang.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    exquisit colours and clothing!I see a lot of pictures of the NYFW through tumblr.
    Have a nice day!
    Beate :)

  6. That blue color is so pretty! Love it. xo

  7. Like the colors in the pictures!

  8. vá, það verður flott að klæðast þessum litum í haust
    á eftir blómlegu sumartískunni ....
    og bleiku rósirnar eru bara fallegar.
    góða helgi Lísa,

  9. I adore the last two together—the colors and cuts are just lovely...

    Hope you have a restful weekend—thank you for your kind comments this week, and always, xo

  10. love the pink peonies with the turquoise vase. Such a beautiful color palate. x

  11. I love these colours!

    thanks sweetie!


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