Sunday, 6 February 2011

my sunday mood

With my morning latte I was thinking about beautiful halls decorated with lamps and fresh flowers and I found these images. I wish I had more space in ours for either a demilune table (the semicircular ones) or a chest of drawers.

I think I have to settle for a narrow table with a mirror above it and no lamp.

photo credit:
1: William Waldron for Country Living
2: Michael Graydon for Canadian House & Home
3: Michael Graydon for Canadian House & Home
4: Scott Frances Architectural Digest


  1. I picture myself in those pictures..and it's a nice thought, indeed.

  2. Lisa, this is gorgeous!!! I love the top right photo. Do you have a latte maker? I would love that! xo

  3. Although I love white painted walls in the hallway, because they give you the feeling of space. I would find a stones wall so interesting and beautifully rustic.

  4. Wow what great 'moods' you found ;o)
    I can tell that you have the same problem as I - I also think we have to few long walls in our house to decorate with nice tables and other stuff ;o)
    But we can dream .... ;o))
    Greetings and enjoy your sunday ;o)

  5. Magdalena, I totally get what you mean!

    Debby, no I don't have one, I just brew very strong coffee and then I warm the milk and make it as foamy as I can. I love foamy latte.

    Ada, here is one that might interest you:

    Tina, we sure can dream ;-)


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