Friday, 25 February 2011

rolling in the deep

I feel like I've been cheating on blogging with shopping (to steal a phrase from SATC II and making it mine). Hubby had three days off so we spent them together, mainly walking and shopping, having lunch & latte. It seemed like everywhere we went they were playing ADELE's song Rolling in the Deep. Well, I didn't mind, I love that girl and her amazing voice.

Hope you all had a fabulous week!

photo credit:
top-left: via J.Crew
top-right: Trisha Brink Design on Flickr
middle-left: Elise Muller on Flickr via Miss Wallflower
middle-right: via Strawberry/Tumblr
bottom-left (Marilyn Monroe): via
bottom-right: via A Cottage in the Wood

YouTube: ADELE / Rolling in the Deep


  1. that photo combination is quite perfect.
    I've been hearing her song as well--but I don't mind either. :)
    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Have a sunny weekend, Lisa! :)
    Adele`s music is heard everywhere these days...I like it a lot!
    Wonderful collection of images.

    Beate XXX

  3. I haven't heard any of her songs......does this mean I need to get on youtube ASAP? probably so.

    Love the it Spring yet??? We got a fresh dusting of snow yesterday.

  4. Anait, you definitely need some ADELE-YouTubing to do! Her new stuff is so good, especially the live versions. Check out her old song Chasing Pavements; I've been a fan since I heard that one for the first time.

    Already spring in my mind ;-) Luckily no snow in Antwerp but it's not exactly sunny either.

  5. Best. collage. ever! Such great colors!
    And Adele is starting to grow on me, I have to say :)


  6. loving the photos! - soft, subtle and feminine!


  7. Love that song. Sounds like you had the perfect time with your hubby!