Thursday, 3 February 2011

six reasons why ...

I want Hunter wellies.

top-left: via 1st thing I reach for
top-middle: unknown source
top-right: Rebecca Westby
middle-left: Design*Sponge
middle-right: unknown source
bottom: Jeana Sohn


  1. Yes, Lisa!I like them, too.They`re perfect, because you don`t have to watch every step and ìt`s the only pair of shoes that allows jumping into the dirt....hah! ;)
    Beate XX

  2. Your six reasons why you want Hunter wellies is exactly the same as my six reasons why I have Hunter wellies! LOVE the picture of Charles&Diana, even if the fairytale didn´t end to happily... :)

    Kristine :)

  3. It must be wonderful to sing in the rain in Hunter wellies ;-)

  4. Umm, yes! I love these, as well as the inspiration you have given us here... fabulous! Hope you are having a great week so far.

    And also, thank you for the lovely comment while I have been unwell. I'm starting to feel so much better :)


  5. I love them too! Would love a pair in black with a red bow :)


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