Tuesday, 15 February 2011

summer ... now!

The Kate Moss for Longchamp campaign featuring Kate Moss herself makes me want to skip spring and go straight to summer. Allow me to add that I absolutely love peonies.

left: Kate Moss photographed by Alasdair McLellan for Longchamp


  1. Kate looks beyond beautiful here! Come on Spring!! xo

  2. The entire ad campaign is fabulous! Love the green dress too. And the peonies;)

  3. I think Kate Moss hasn't looked so good in years!

    I could have posted the entire range of images from the campaign, they're all beautiful.

  4. Well, Lisa, I have a confession to make. My heart skipped a beat when I entered your blog a few minutes ago, as this is just what I was writing about right now, about this campaign in my post for tomorrow.:)) Kate looks amazing!

  5. That green dress is pretty amazing! And I agree with you - best Kate has been looking in years :)

  6. Ada, I'm looking forward to seeing your post tomorrow, I can't get enough of those images.

  7. Me too - peonies are adorable ;o)
    And please - summer to us also - today really cold and windy here in Denmark ;o)


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