Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Today I'm inspired by designer Suzanne Kasler,  who says that "a room should be collected, not decorated," and photographer Tria Giovan. This image simply screams summertime. And look at these two gorgeous turquoise lamps ... mon dieu!

photo credit: Suzanne Kasler & Tria Giovan


  1. Every piece in this room is so beautiful, it looks very balanced. I like her idea of collecting rather then decorating! Though it can be seen as a vague line... Have a lovely day Lisa:)

  2. This room is so refreshing and inviting in it's design style. I love the turquoise, too! Great post!

    Thanks for stopping by my Zara Home post today!

  3. Turquoise just SCREAMS summer. I imagine a small town in greece with blue and white-washed villas and a warm ocean breeze.

  4. Absolutely sea inspiration! I can not wait to go to the sea this summer ...


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