Sunday, 20 February 2011

sundays are the best

I can't begin to describe how much I love that sign. Apparently, it's a bakery in Seoul, which makes me want to take a trip to South Korea one day. Most of you already know about my Paris obsession and I found that necklace on a website called Nest Pretty Things, which has a lot of pretty things. It looks like we'll be visiting Paris during Easter if everything goes as planned! The rest of the collage reflects my mood today. We're going for a drive and I'm already visioning the pancakes I'm going to make when we get back.

Sundays are the best!

top-left: anthonyyyy/Tumblr
top-right: Nest Pretty Things
middle-right: Olita/imgfave
bottom-right: unknown source
(with a little help from Pinterest)


  1. Ah this collage makes me melt a little, so lovely! And fantastic news you're going to Paris <3 Enjoy your lazy Sunday and pancakes:)

  2. Such lovely photos! Cute post.

  3. I`m born on a I`m a sunday-lover,too! :)) If I would have a bakery, this sign is just perfect and the doggie...oh so cute!
    Wonderful post, Lisa!
    I`m gonna see Brügge in may/june.So everybody is going cross the european countries for spending holidays this travelling!Beate :)

  4. I really hope you get to Paris in will be stunning! And I will be able to satisfy my Paris fix via your least temporarily! :)

    I used to dread Sundays because they meant Monday was coming next.....meaning WORK. But once I quit my hellish job and went back to school, I look forward to the start of a new week!

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Adorable! It reflects a perfect weekend day!

  6. many thanks fo r the links. This images are gorgeous and that dog ... that dog is fantastic! xx

  7. oh man I want to squeeze that little pup. <3


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