Wednesday, 16 February 2011

victoria beckham autumn 2011

I easily could have posted almost every single item of Victoria Beckham's Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection, which she showed at New York Fashion Week last Sunday. I'm no expert but I think this is her strongest collection so far, it all looks so stylish and comfortable, yet classic. I'm in love with the cashmere wrap dresses in the first two images and the pleat skirt dresses in the last two. The first two really have that Victoria signature look - simply fabulous!


  1. Victoria has been creating some incredibly beautiful pieces these past few seasons and like you, I'm always infatuated with almost everything. The cuts on the dresses are gorgeous.

  2. I'm usually not Mrs. Beckhams biggest fan, but her design is INCREDIBLE!! It's almost hard to belive that she's made it herself :) I LOVE the gray outfit in the first picture.

    Kristine :)

  3. I love look #1! xo

  4. I was really impressed by the collection. The tailored designs, the classic lines, they have a timeless feel.

  5. So agreed! It all looks real good, you can still really see her signature style through the new fresh touches. Love that:)


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