Wednesday, 16 March 2011

à bientôt carine roitfeld

Yesterday I finally bought the March issue of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld's last issue as editor. I wanted to own it as a souvenir. I took it with me to the Nightingale Park, bought myself a latte and started browsing through it while the children played (yes, I photographed it too). I loved that her last editor's note was handwritten.

As can be expected, there are many ads in the issue, and of course there is a lot of gorgeous photographs. As she said in an interesting interview with Dirk Standen on (very good interview) she dedicated her last issue to young designers and when viewing those pages I don't think we have to worry about the future of fashion. There are many talents out there.

Thank you Carine Roitfeld for the last 10 years!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt

There was one page that touched the nerve of the Icelander in me and that was page 282 in the books section. There is a small article about the Icelandic author Bragi Ólafsson and his book The Pets, which has been published in France under the title Les animaux de compagnie.

Emanuelle Alt's first issue as editor will be out soon with Gisele Bündchen on the cover, as you
probably know already.


  1. Carine Roitfeld is a visionary and I hope we'll be able to admire again her creative talent soon enough. Ada

  2. If where would be a possibility probably i would buy all French Vogues:))
    And love the handwritten notes in the magazines,it looks so sweet and intimate:)

  3. I agree--she is a visionary. With my hectic schedule I completely forgot to peruse, much less purchase, a copy, but I may sneak in some time to do just that.

  4. It's a gorgeous last issue of hers, I wished my French was better so I could understand her note and the interesting interviews, but I'm very happy with just looking and sighing and being captivated for a while.. The new cover with Gisele is striking! Think I've to buy that one as well;)

  5. in the interview, she also said that the issues until the summer were quite of course, i'm waiting for the issue of april but september much more !!!

  6. Ada, I agree, I'm so looking forward to seeing what she'll do now that her Paris Vogue days are over.

    Juste, I so wish I had them all! Well, almost all.

    Gabriella, take it from me, it's worth the purchase.

    Christel, of course we'll buy the April issue and take an intensive French course as well. It's souvenir! (Our future grandchildren will love us, haha.)

    Frédérique, I'm wondering if Madame Alt will go ahead and change a lot anyway. According to that interview they are not really on friendly terms so maybe she decides to pop things up a bit. In the September issue we'll definitely see the final change ;-)

  7. magazine + park + latte = perfection.

    I haven't really been following the whole Vogue fiasco, but I read an interview of Roitfeld somewhere on the internet and was so impressed with her integrity and her uncompromising attitude. Wherever she goes next, she'll do great things.

    Now, time to stalk all the book stores here to find the French edition!


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