Sunday, 13 March 2011

elie saab spring 2011

This is my Elie-Saab-meets-the-Nightingale-Park-in-Antwerp post. Believe me, it wasn't planned! Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful weather and I had to grab my camera with me when we went for a walk in the park. Nature was at its best; everything is coming to life. When I was viewing the images back home the colours suddenly reminded me of Elie Saab's spring 2011 collection, which he presented at the Paris Fashion Week last autumn. I'm only sharing two images from yesterday, the rest is elegant and graceful style.

Enjoy your Sunday!

photo credit:
fashion: Yannis Vlamos /
nature: Lisa Hjalt


  1. I love this post Lisa! Binding nature and fashion beautifully.

  2. WOW!! Lisa, what a wonderful post!! That is my first time here and I can say I am so well impressed! Your eyes captured beauty itself!! These dresses are amazing!
    Your blog is so bright and pretty!
    Much love to you!!

  3. Hihi, this is pro Lisa! And how wonderful are those gowns?!
    Hugs and wish you a happy start to the new week :)

  4. I was browsing wedding blogs (no reason, really, at least not YET ) ;) and I stumbled upon the color combination I think I want for my (future) and coral. The images in this post only make me love coral more!

  5. What a lovely combination this is—so so pretty, both nature and fashion, green and coral. How perfect heading into Spring... thank you for sharing these. I cannot get dresses 05 and 08 out of my mind!

    Hope you enjoy the remainder of the weekend,

  6. It's so wonderfull to see the first blossoms again and see nature coming to life after a long winter :)

  7. What a beautiful mix of photography and fashion! Ada


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