Tuesday, 1 March 2011

giorgio armani autumn 2011

I have a soft spot for Giorgio Armani; maybe it's the fact that we share the same birthday or that the first eyeglasses I bought were his design. I don't have the words to describe his fashion show in Milan yesterday; I'm speechless. I feel like my heart has melted a little and it will never recover, but in a good

Columnist Hilary Alexander used these words to describe it:  "Giorgio Armani brought Milan Fashion Week to a triumphant close ... with a lyrical homage to female beauty which ranks as possibly the best show of his extraordinary 35-year-career. The 76-year-old designer's collection was a passionate display of his devotion to fashion and the exquisite workmanship which can be wrought by human

I'd have liked to post all the 59 images I found because it isn't possible to choose between all these gorgeous looks (just look at the trousers, oh my!). I'm in love, so allow me to go nuts here with 16 images, including one of Armani himself.


  1. ó já frænka, þetta er sko fallegt!

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Would not have minded if you had posted all the 59 images, sigh....<3

  3. -wow so nice styles ;o) but unfortunately not for my wallet ;o)
    Have a nice day - greetings Tina

  4. Superbe! Those the coats in the beginning of the show, close to the body and elongated over the hips, are divine!

  5. Gorgeous! To me Giorgio A. signifies elegance and timelessness.

    Thanks for sharing.


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