Thursday, 17 March 2011

lanvin spring 2011

As much as I loved following the recent fashion shows, it feels like I'm no longer in the mood for autumn/winter collections. Now that spring has arrived I just want to see spring fashion. That isn't weird, is it? My blog isn't a fashion blog in that sense of the word so I try to limit the fashion show posts and the number of images (I know, I lost it a bit with Armani but remember, he's my birthday buddy!). Anyway, you'll have to bear with me because there are a few designers waiting in line with their gorgeous spring outfits.

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin is one of them. I just couldn't leave him out, no way. His show at the Paris Fashion Week last autumn was just oh so good. I found myself drawn to the gorgeous colours of these outfits and details.

photo credit: Marcio Madeira via Vogue US


  1. I love the textures in the first image, the V cut of the blouse and the combination of black and yellow. And all the sheer, pleated dresses. A beautiful collection! Ada

  2. I'll pleasantly bare with you on these kind of post all the time;) This collection was and still is fabulous indeed. Personally I don't think the last dress can be worn better than Blake Lively did :o

  3. Just gorgeous...the very first photo is my fave! xo

  4. loved all the leather harnesses

  5. spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring, spring!

    Sorry, can you tell what's on my mind??

  6. Oh, i love Lanvin! The fabrics have a fantastic weightlessness. The red dress makes me dream...


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