Saturday, 5 March 2011

off to amsterdam

I promised hubby to attend the Amsterdam boat show with him today and he promised me latte and pancakes, preferably somewhere in De 9 Straatjes district (The Nine Streets). I cannot say that I'm travelling as stylishly as the women in these Louis Vuitton images, and the weather isn't as wonderful, but we're driving and we'll definitely have fun.

Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Aaaw, you lucky girl! Love Amsterdam!
    Enjoy your trip :)

  2. I love Louis Vuitton campaigns. Have fun in Amsterdam!

  3. Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam!It`s such a young and dynamic city full of art...wish you sunshine!
    Beate :) XXX

  4. Oh yes, I always travel with my perfectly matched louis vuitton luggage ;) Have a great visit and take many photos (and share them with us!).

  5. Thank you girls. Well, it turned out that this wasn't a boat show, this was a B.O.A.T.S.H.O.W!!! I think all of us were in a trance the first hour or so and we had to grab a latte in there and sit down just to adjust our senses! We spent the whole day at the show and had to force ourselves to leave. We decided to postpone the pancakes & latte in the city centre and drive back home. That was an excellent idea because we managed to grab a late dinner and we were all asleep before 10 o'clock, happy but exhausted. Boat shows like that are the best exercise ever!

    We are going back to Amsterdam in 2 or 3 weeks (it takes less than 2 hours to drive) and then I promise photos.

  6. Wow that sounds grand and exciting! I'm happy you all had fun. There's nothing bad about driving back in a couple of weeks now is it;)
    Gorgeous LV campaign, I love the feminine dresses and shoes <3 Hope you can relax a little today. With homemade pancakes;)

  7. Christel, you got it right, today there will be pancakes, lots of pancakes ;-) And there is nothing bad about driving back to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. Nothing bad at all!

  8. A girl can dream, can't she...?

    Kristine :)


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