Monday, 7 March 2011

rustic touch

Not so long ago we visited a second hand shop. I like browsing in there because sometimes I find nice kitchenware and glasses, which I usually manage to break in a few days, but that's a different story. That day I got Emile Henry loaf pan for only 2 euros (that's what I call a bargain!). Mine wasn't like the adorable yellow one I'm linking to but dark green and it looked like new. When you find an Emile Henry anything for 2 euros, no matter what colour, you buy it! I used it for the first time this morning when making spice bread and it's perfect. What does this have to do with rustic

I've been a bit obsessed with yellow lately and that image of the yellow door I found on Pinterest only made my obsession worse. And when I saw the yellow Emile Henry loaf pan on their website my obsession only got worse worse (of course that's a grammatical term!). For the past weeks I've been thinking about ways to fit that yellow door into my blog and this morning when baking I suddenly remembered the image of that bright blue and white rustic looking room and voilà. So, if you'd go for rustic, would you dare using bright colours or keep it natural?

photo credit:
top-left: Hooked on Houses via Pinterest
top-right: Don Freeman for House Beautiful
bottom-left: Ditte Isager for House Beautiful
bottom-right: Ville Kulla via simply natural


  1. Oh, that yellow door is really gorgeous!

  2. Ohh, firstly thank you for visiting my blog:)
    and secondly I am crazy for yellow color too, i love natural colors in the interior, but there have to be few bright details too:) Yesterday i was at local Second Hand market and there I found an orange lamp, i think it was about 40 years old. i began to imagine a big white house with a lot of natural colors and with that bright oldschooled lamp, the queen of the room:D
    and something more about the house, for me the most impressive are these one

  3. Hello Lisa.
    I also like a bargain, and also like rustic touch,and the yellow door is gorgeous...

  4. I admit I would keep it natural, I find it more elegant, with a touch of class. The third photo is just my thing. :)

  5. As much as I like the all neural style it is just not for me! I love to add small pops of color - preferably on things that is easily replaces as pillows and candleholders etc. since I get easily bored - but this is brilliant as well. That green dresser is welcome home with me any day!

    And I think Iceland and the North of Norway looks much alike in many ways, save the hot springs and geysirs :)


  6. I like neutral, earth tones with splashes of deep color like turquoise or slate gray (does that qualify as color?). Mmmmmm I'm craving some spice bread. Your posts always make me crave something! :)

  7. I LOVE that yellow door!! There is a house down the street that has this deep purple door and I love it. Whenever we pass it we says "purple door house!" Also loving that green dresser. You find the best things!

  8. That yellow door looks very adorable and sweet. If I'd go for rustic I think I'd pair soft, pale pink and greens like in the last image with neutral hues. But the color mode is very much on lately as you may have noticed, so the blue paint is fabulous too haha!

  9. Love the pop's of color !
    I'd keep neutral walls, but I love color, so color for whatever can have it without the room looking to busey! :)

  10. Meghan, I'm going to need a photo of that door! A.S.A.P.

  11. I love these - especially the bedroom photo! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love all of these! Colours, but not TOO bold.. perfect for interiors I think! :)


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